Beyond insurance, behind the numbers - Group Protection Claims & Wellbeing Insight 2024

Fran Bruce, Protection Managing Director, shares her thoughts on our 2024 Group Protection and Wellbeing  report.

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Paying claims is at the heart of what we do every day. Last year we paid out over £413m and settled 8,077 claims.  In our 2024 Group Protection Claims and Wellbeing Insights report you'll see our consistent track record in paying out claims and the facts and figures behind those claims. And, we'll take you beyond insurance, behind the numbers, sharing the insights, case studies and service our customers experience when they need us most.

Focussed feedback. We’re paying close attention to what your feedback is telling us about ease of working together. Last year we made improvements to Aviva Group Protection Online (AGPOL) for schemes supporting 3-250 employees. The new changes help you quickly identify which schemes are due for renewal and which renewals are in progress. There is improved search functionality and more options to add or remove policy members. Plus, servicing renewals can now be completed in around 30 minutes, providing you secure, efficient services and simplified interactions.

Cost of living. We keep a close watch on the economy and adjust accordingly. We recognise that the cost of living is very difficult for people and there is no obvious point when things will improve. All year round employees covered by a group protection policy have access to a host of additional benefits all at no extra charge, such as Get Active, which includes a range of discounted products and services to help employees get active and keep healthy. During 2023, we also partnered with Red Apple Law to add a new suite of legal services for our group life policy holders. Services such as life planning and estate administration tools are now available, at discounted costs. Across the year, protection cover that delivers great added value in challenging economic times.

Supporting mental health. Throughout 2023 we’ve seen an increase in the need for mental health support as customers struggle with financial and economic uncertainty. Mental health doesn't discriminate, anyone can feel stress, depression or anxiety symptoms. Having the right support at the right time can make a huge difference in how long poor mental health continues. It’s our mission to support when and where we can, not just at the point of claim. Any customer with an Aviva Group Protection policy can access the Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace app for support with their mental health. Group Income Protection customers also benefit from access to our mental health rehabilitation.

World of support. We look beyond protection cover and strive to support employees from day one of their cover by offering access to a range of health and wellbeing services and tools. Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace is helping to prevent, detect, and manage common health and wellbeing problems. Last year we saw 147,971 new customers register for DigiCare+ Workplace app and DigiCare+ app (available through Indivdual Protection) and start to benefit from the valuable benefits provided through them.

Throughout the work we’ve done across the year, we’ve helped our customers beyond insurance, we’ve helped when they needed us most.

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