Helping families with improved Children’s Group Critical Illness

Following the enhancements we made in September 2023; we’re pleased to announce that we’ve improved our children’s Group Critical Illness cover even more.

These enhancements reflect our commitment to supporting families, especially those with children who have health issues. 

These changes will be effective from 21 May 2024 and apply to all new quotations and rate reviews for Group Critical Illness schemes.

What’s Changed?

We’ve expanded our cover to include four new child-specific conditions:

  • Down’s syndrome

  • Edwards' syndrome 

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta

  • Patau syndrome

With nine conditions now covered and two critical medical crises, we hope families will feel more protected.

Child specific conditions covered are included automatically within our cover. As a reminder, the child specific conditions are in addition to the listed conditions and operations we cover under our policy.  

Child Cover continues following a claim

One big change is that cover for children will no longer stop when we pay a claim for them.  Children will now be treated the same as employees and spouse/partner’s allowing for more than one claim. 

Want to know more?

Get in touch with your Aviva contact to find out more about the improvements to our Group Critical Illness cover for children. They’ll be more than happy to help if you need some support or have any questions. Alternatively head over to our Group Critical Illness webpage for additional information and resources.