Client & Asset Transition service – Why this works for you and your clients

When you’re managing a client base across multiple platforms, it can seem like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

With multiple platforms, you’re forever running around just to stay on top of the admin. From assessing all the charging structures and fund ranges to learning all the different functionality, it takes time and effort to manage it all effectively and efficiently.

That’s why moving to one platform makes a whole lot of of sense.

The FCA encourages adviser firms to consider switching platforms more often to improve value for money for clients'*. A barrier to that is how difficult, time-consuming and expensive transferring your clients to a new platform can be.

That’s where our Client & Asset Transition Service can be a gamechanger – it makes it easy for you to transfer your clients and their assets onto the Aviva platform at scale. 

Five reasons to transfer to the Aviva Platform 

  1. Quick, easy transfers at scale
    Our Client & Asset Transition Service makes transfer at scale simple, with our dedicated team on hand to help    
  2. Put your clients in an optimal position
    Be in line with Consumer Duty requirements, and give your clients investment flexibility for changing goals and circumstances  
  3. Free up your time
    By consolidating onto one efficient platform, you can prioritise providing advice to a segmented client base, maximising your business model  
  4. Wide investment choice for your clients
    The Aviva Platform offers a wide range of investment funds, including ESG funds  
  5. More advisers are choosing the Aviva Platform than any other**
    Give your clients access to an AKG A rated platform 

**By Number of adviser relationships. 2023 Investment Trends UK Adviser Technology & Business Report

How does it work?

In a collaborative process between you and us, the service uses enhanced, straight-through processing, sophisticated analysis and personal support to help you provide quality service to your clients.

If you have over 200 clients with SIPP/GIA/ISA products, the Client & Asset Transition Service will help you move them to the Aviva Platform.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Data gathering – You register your firm’s interest and we’ll send you a form to complete, outlining the service we offer and collecting client data
  2. Comparison engine – We’ll use our sophisticated comparison engine to generate a product match, model portfolio analysis, fund match and pricing comparison of your clients’ products
  3. Quote generation – We’ll produce bespoke illustrations for each of your clients, so you can take them through the details and, once you’ve confirmed the transition, we’ll collect the final set of client data
  4. Application – We’ll complete the applications for all your transitioning clients and upload them for you to review and capture online declarations before submitting
  5. Transition – We’ll support the transition of your clients and their assets to the Aviva Platform at scale, and once done, you’ll be able to see all your clients on the platform

Find out more

Our Client & Asset Transition Service could help you spend less time on admin and more on advice.

To find out more about this service and how it could help you and your clients please contact your Aviva Representative or email 

*2019 Investment Platforms Market Study, FCA