Aviva Platform and Investments

From the simplest setup to more complex requirements - the Aviva Platform has a range of portfolios to help you adapt your clients' investments, whatever their needs  now or in the future.


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Smooth Managed Fund

Designed to deliver growth over the medium to long term, employing a ‘smoothing’ process to shelter your clients from some of the impact of adverse market movements. 

Aviva Platform Products

Pension Portfolio

Pension Portfolio is a self-invested personal pension, offering access to thousands of funds, equities, investment trusts, exchange-traded funds, fixed income securities and commercial property. It offers a range of income drawdown options for your clients.

ISA Portfolio

ISA Portfolio, available on the Aviva Platform, is a flexible ISA and lets your clients invest tax-efficiently in a wide range of collective investments and equities from all key investment sectors. In fact there are thousands of funds to choose from.

Investment Portfolio

Our Investment Portfolio lets your clients invest in a wide range of collective investments, structured products, and equities from all key investment sectors. In fact, there are thousands of funds to choose from.

Income drawdown

Income drawdown is available through Pension Portfolio on the Aviva Platform. Pension Portfolio offers flexi-access drawdown on a single or phased basis and gives your clients complete flexibility with their pension fund in retirement.

Investment Pathways

Four simple investment options, to help you and your clients make the right choices for their retirement. Each Pathway caters for different retirement plans and invests clients' money in corresponding funds, with varying levels of volatility. You can switch between pathways if your clients’  future plans change.

Select Investment (bond)

Offering access to a wide range of professionally managed funds, so your clients can invest for growth, income or a combination of the two.

Smooth Managed Fund

Designed to deliver growth over the medium to long term, employing a ‘smoothing’ process to shelter your clients from some of the impact of adverse market movements. 

Product details

Key benefits

  • The Aviva Platform uses the latest technology to give you and your clients exactly what you need. It's flexible and easy to develop, meaning we can continue to both add new features and improve what's already there.
  • We've partnered with FE fundinfo to create a rich, transaction-driven client reporting service. You can access detailed investment analysis, with asset breakdown, as well as performance history which includes money-weighted and time-weighted return.
  • Our flexible drawdown options mean you can create the best retirement approach for your clients' needs.
  • We offer flexible investing, with the option to run multiple investment goals within the same account. This means you're not restricted to just one investment approach per account - you can use a mix of adviser and Discretionary Investment Manager (DIM) model portfolios, whilst also holding loose funds or ETIs.
  • The Aviva Platform is signature-lite - there are very few times when we'll need a handwritten signature. Using signature upload and moving most admin processes online combines to give you a more streamlined, efficient user experience.

New to the Aviva Platform?

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Pension Portfolio

Pension Portfolio has two options - Core and Choice - each with its own investment choices and charges. 
The investments you choose for your client will determine whether they're in the Core or Choice option. Your client will only pay for the investment choices they use. 

Aviva charge: Core option Aviva charge: Choice option
0.10% to 0.35% 0.15% to 0.40%

Other investments

The Choice option offers some more sophisticated investments that aren't available in the Core option:

  • Stocks and shares and ETFs
  • Commercial property
  • Structured products

See our charges


ISA Portfolio and Investment Portfolio

The ISA Portfolio lets your clients invest in collective investments and equities in a tax-efficient way.  With the Investment Portfolio, your clients have access to a wider range of investments.

The Aviva charge varies depending on the value of your client's ISA Portfolio or Investment Portfolio.

Investment amount  Aviva charge
Less than £400,000.01 0.25%
 £400,000.01 and above 0.15%

See our charges

Equity dealing

Winterflood Business Services stockbrokers carry out equity dealing for our portfolios.

Charges in detail

To find out more about our Aviva Platform charges, please see our Aviva Platform Due Diligence toolkit


Investment solutions

With the Aviva Platform, you can match investment strategies to your clients' needs. It offers outstanding investment choice:

  • Individual stock selection - alongside a wider investment range, including structured products and equities
  • Smooth Managed Fund - aims to deliver growth over the medium to long term, employing a ‘smoothing’ process to shelter your clients from some of the impact of adverse market movements
  • Multi Asset fund range Core and Plus – two different approaches, one simple way we aim to sustainably grow your clients’ savings
  • Model portfolios - the facility to create your own in-house model portfolios to match your client base
  • Governed portfolios - exclusive to Aviva, low-cost portfolios, managed by Morningstar Investment Management Europe Limited
  • DIM managed portfolios - we work with a large number of Discretionary Investment Managers (DIMs)

This outstanding investment choice is coupled with the platform functionality you need to help reduce the cost of servicing clients. 

Business support

We’ve designed the Aviva Platform to be easy and straightforward to use.

To help you get the most out of the Aviva Platform, we have a range of support available:

Account support

  • Wealth development managers
  • Face to face
  • Telephony
  • Platform adoption consultants

Contact us on 0800 056 2026

Technical support

  • Dedicated service teams
  • Pensions technical helpdesk
  • Tax and trusts helpdesk

Training support

  • User guides
  • Due diligence toolkit
  • Adviser tools

Aviva Platform Resources

Investment centre

Fund performance, factsheets and charting.

ESG Resource Hub

Access expert insight, educational content and support around the key areas of ESG to benefit you and your clients.

Platform support

Get useful Aviva Platform support material.