Our dedicated cancer pathway

We focus on making things easier at a difficult time, from expert emotional, practical, and clinical support, to helping employees get back to work. Our cancer pathway can also help employers ensure they’re ready and able to support their employees.

Referral We recommend early intervention and support to help enable recovery
Early acceptance and payment

We aim to make and confirm a decision as early as possible on cancer claims

Providing peace of mind and help to reduce financial worry and added pressure

Simple claims process

We take information by phone

There are no mandatory forms to complete

The employee can give consent quickly, with a simple e-signature

Claims management and support

A dedicated case manager, trained in the support services provided by Macmillan Cancer Support, will manage all aspects of the claim from financial assessment through to return to work support

They can guide, support, and advise the employer and employee, including help with reasonable adjustments and putting employees in touch with cancer specialists

Clinical expertise The case manager may also refer to our in-house rehabilitation team made up of clinical experts including our Chief Medical Officer and oncology nurses
Specialist support

We’ll give the employee access to integrated emotional and physical support from experienced healthcare practitioners, including occupational therapists, chartered psychologists, and physiotherapists

The service can help improve the employee’s day to day functioning, their health and wellbeing and provide return to work support

For employers, line manager support, return to work planning and help with employee communications is also available


We work together with Macmillan Cancer Support to provide emotional, physical, and financial support, as well as signposting to other suitable charities

We may signpost to any other suitable support available through the Group Income Protection policy, or other products held by the employee

Return to work support

Our vocational rehabilitation consultants provide advice and guidance on how to support an employee’s recovery and a safe, timely and sustainable return to work

They’ll consider the clinical and vocational needs of the employee and the demands of the business

Lisa’s story

Lisa became absent from work following a diagnosis of tongue cancer. Her employer notified Aviva within four weeks of the absence to begin the claims journey.

A dedicated Aviva case manager completed an initial needs assessment call with Lisa to gather information on her situation. She confirmed she had begun chemotherapy and radiotherapy, reporting side effects including difficulty eating, drinking, and sometimes talking due to the location of her cancer.

Her case manager offered a referral to the Cancer Work Support Service, run by Aviva’s rehabilitation partners, Working To Wellbeing, to provide support and guidance during such a difficult time. Lisa welcomed the support, especially as she was aiming to return to work in the coming months.

A mutually convenient appointment was completed within the weeks that followed the referral. Lisa talked with the Working To Wellbeing Health Coach, who agreed they would be able to help with her fatigue, physical activity and mood, and support with her return to the workplace.

Lisa’s claim was due to begin in December 2020 following the completion of the 26-week deferred period. As return to work conversations had already begun with the team at Working To Wellbeing, her case manager was able to use this information to make a decision on the claim. Lisa’s claim was successful, and the decision was confirmed before the end of the deferred period to help alleviate any additional anxieties regarding her finances.

Lisa successfully started an eight-week phased return to work plan in January 2021, six months after the notification of her claim, and due to such positive results, was then discharged from the team at Working To Wellbeing.

“I got an excellent service from Aviva. There was always someone on the end of the phone if I needed to speak with anybody. You dealt with my claim really quickly, which was very important to me as it took the worry away during such a stressful time. I felt extremely supported by you. The Working to Wellbeing team were brilliant…I found that really useful.”

Lisa Lynch, Financial Services employee, age 53.