Our dedicated COVID-19 pathway

Whether an employee needs to take time off work or needs help to manage their symptoms, we can provide practical support to help them remain at or return to work with our tailored COVID-19 pathway.


We can often step in early to help an employee stay in work

Simple claims process

We take information by phone

There are no mandatory forms to complete

The employee can give consent quickly, with a simple e-signature

Claims management and support

Many of our dedicated case managers are trained in recognising long COVID symptoms, functional disorders, and mental health first aid

A case manager will manage all aspects of the claim from financial assessment through to return to work support

Clinical expertise The case manager may also refer to our in-house rehabilitation team made up of clinical experts covering a large spectrum of clinical support
Specialist rehabilitation support

Help for employee’s unable work at full capacity or at all, to manage their symptoms and eventually return to work

Helping them regain confidence and rebuild mental and physical fitness

Advice and support on return-to-work plans, workplace assessments, fatigue management and pacing strategies

Additional support We can signpost to any other suitable support available through the Group Income Protection policy, or other products held by the employee
Claims decision Where possible, we aim to confirm benefit payment before the end of the deferred period, reducing financial pressure

Chris' story

Chris was absent from work with post-covid fatigue when his Employers referred him to Aviva's rehabilitation team for support regarding his ongoing symptoms following contracting Covid-19 in early 2020.

Within 8 working days of notifying Aviva a case manager had contacted Chris to complete an initial call to understand his ongoing symptoms. Following this conversation, a referral was offered to our rehabilitation partners, Working to Wellbeing, for support available through their Covid-19 Work Support Service.

Working to Wellbeing provided integrated health coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and fatigue management support to assist Chris to manage his symptoms and achieve his goal of returning to work.

One month following his referral Chris had commenced a phased return to work which required careful planning and support given his previous attempts to return. During his return the team at Working to Wellbeing provided further holistic support to him regarding his ongoing cognitive symptoms. The support received has resulted in a successful return to his full duties and hours for Chris.

"The support from the team at Working to Wellbeing was vital as they supported me with the tools to not only manage my life but to be able to return to work…having honest conversations with the team and to have the safety net of their support helped my confidence in pushing myself through challenges...I feel more resilient and I feel the legacy of their support will have a lasting benefit for me....I don't think I would be where I am today without this service."

Chris, Senior Finance Business Partner, age 37.