Our dedicated mental health pathway

Tailored support, delivered through a broad network of experts and therapists, designed to help provide the best outcome for the employee and provide ongoing support throughout the claims process and beyond.

Referral Our results show that intervening early can help employees remain at work, or significantly improve return to work outcomes
Simple claims process

We can take information by phone or in writing whichever best suits the employee

There are no mandatory forms to complete

The employee can give consent quickly, by e-signature

Claims management and support

Many of our dedicated case managers are trained in mental health first aid

They will manage all aspects of the claim and be one point of contact throughout the process

Clinical expertise The case manager may also refer to our in-house rehabilitation team made up of clinical experts qualified in mental health support, including counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatric nurses
Additional support

We’ll help the employee get the most of any other mental health support available through the Group Income Protection policy, or other products held by the employee

We can put the employee in touch with suitable organisations or charities

Specialist mental health treatment We may refer the employee to a trusted provider for private treatment to meet their clinical needs, for example psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), EMDR, bereavement counselling or mental health assessments
Return to work support

Our vocational rehabilitation consultants provide advice and guidance on how to support an employee’s recovery and a safe, timely, return to work

They’ll consider the demands of the business and the clinical and vocational needs of the employee

Claims decision Where possible, we aim to confirm benefit payment before the end of the deferred period, reducing financial pressure

Brian’s story

Brian became absent from work following an increase in feelings of low mood and stress, exacerbated by multiple bereavements. He tried to return to work twice, but the combination of anxiety and depression meant he was unable to sustain work. Brian and his employers contacted Aviva to support his latest return to work attempt.

Our Case Manager contacted Brian to complete an initial needs assessment to gather information on his situation. Due to his symptoms and previous experience with talking therapy, and his return-to-work attempts, we referred him to our rehabilitation partners Psych Health to begin a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). He completed an initial assessment with their psychologist within two weeks.

We also worked with Brian and his employer to develop a seven-week phased return to work plan, to allow a gradual increase in his hours and responsibilities.

Throughout his return to work, our case manager maintained regular contact, monitoring Brian’s therapeutic and vocational progress. After just four weeks he reported a noticeable increase in his mood and motivation.

By the end of Aviva’s intervention Brian returned to his full-time role. A few months on from being back at work, he confirmed a continued improvement in his ability to manage his symptoms.

"I couldn’t have come out of it myself. I needed this help. You could tell it was tailored to me. Throughout the sessions he [Psych Health Psychologist] remembered information I gave to tailor things to me, to make sure every aspect of my life was not just back to normal, but to where I needed it to be."

Brian Davies, Claims Executive, age 50.

Here's what Brian's employer had to say

"The effects of the Covid pandemic and the impact of lone working has certainly had a detrimental effect on the mental health of some of our colleagues. 

We've always championed and encouraged the use of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), and other resources and benefits we have in place for our people; but the support offered to Brian in his time of need, was instrumental in him returning to work on a full-time basis. The approach was very personal and tailored to Brian and it really did make all the difference."

Ceri Edwards HR & Training Manager