Our dedicated neurological pathway

Provides employees with specialist neurological occupational therapy and support to help regain skills and address everyday challenges. It supports line managers with clinical insights, analysing work potential and improving an employee's functional capability. The pathway fosters understanding, aids decision making and promotes safe and sustainable work roles.

Referral We recommend early intervention and support to help both the employee and their line manager
Simple claims process

We can be flexible with how we gather information, sensitive to any challenges that the employee may face

There are no mandatory forms to complete

The employee can give consent quickly, with an e-signature 

Claims management and support

A dedicated case manager will manage all aspects of the claim, from financial assessment through to return to work support

They’ll help you and your employee whether they are in work, absent, or transitioning back to work

They’ll be the one point of contact throughout the process

Clinical expertise The case manager may also refer to our in-house rehabilitation team made up of clinical experts, including occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and our Consultant Medical Advisor
Specialist support

We can refer your employee to our neuro rehabilitation partner Krysalis. Through their workplace Neuro Logical service, Krysalis provides specialist, holistic neuro occupational therapy and support to make a positive difference towards the employee’s independence and function

Krysalis supports employees with a neurological diagnosis who may be struggling at work or those who wish to return.

A specialist assessment and, if indicated, a holistic and bespoke neurological vocational rehabilitation programme begins at home if required, develops understanding and skills, and supports wellbeing and confidence

Expert insights are available for line managers to help them understand the employee’s needs and condition.  Krysalis’s assessment pathway focuses on functional capabilities and predictions of work potential.  This brings clarity to complex situations, and clinical insights to aid understanding and decision-making

 Krysalis provides advice to help overcome everyday challenges and four workplace pathways to treat and help overcome barriers depending on need. Workplace adjustments, and if indicated, work readiness programmes and phased return to work plans are tailored to the person, their diagnosis and symptoms, the workplace and job role 


We may signpost to suitable charities

We may also signpost to any other suitable support available through the Group Income Protection policy, or other products held by the employee 

Return to work support

Our vocational rehabilitation consultants provide advice and guidance on how best to support a return to work

These plans will consider their clinical and vocational needs of the employee and the demands of the business

Partial benefit payment If an employee returns to work, but not to their original contracted hours, our partial payment benefit can provide a level of financial support if their salary drops

Early intervention and rehabilitation are non-contractual benefits which Aviva can change or withdraw at any time.