Equity Release Lifestyle Flexible Option

Reduction in minimum cash reserve drawdown amount and individual pricing of drawdown interest rates

Individually tailored interest rates and a new £500 minimum cash reserve release. It takes Aviva. 

Both the economy and people’s needs are changing, and customers are seeking increased flexibility when it comes to financial products. Many are realising that the equity tied up in their home can offer a much-needed boost to help fund a brighter future.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce some changes to our Equity Release Lifetime Flexible product. From 20 May, we will be offering the following improvements to both new and existing customers;

  • The flexibility of smaller cash reserve draws

We’ve reduced the minimum a customer can take from their cash reserves - from £2,000 to just £500 - to better reflect the changing needs of customers today.

  • Individually tailored cash reserve interest rates

Each customer’s rate will take into account the information they provided to us as part of the original application, along with any changes in their age and house prices since then. Pricing in this way can mean lower interest rates due to certain health or lifestyle conditions and is a much more personalised approach to the cost of the loan.

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