Early repayment charge options

Choose between a Fixed Percentage or a Gilt-Index early repayment charge, for all new applications.

We offer a choice of either a Fixed Percentage or a Gilt-Index early repayment charge on all new equity release lifetime mortgages.

Whilst parts of life can never be planned, there are times when it helps to have a little certainty.

New customers looking to take out a lifetime mortgage can see what their Fixed Percentage early repayment charge will be in any given year they choose to redeem.

Or they can choose our Gilt-Index early repayment charge, which has a transparent calculation to work out if an early repayment charge is applicable and if so, the amount. These options give customers the  flexibility to pick what works best for them. The choice between a Fixed Percentage or Gilt-Index must be made when taking out the mortgage.  Once the lifetime mortgage has completed the initial loan and all subsequent loans will have the same early repayment charge method applied..

There is no early repayment charge to pay if the loan is redeemed upon death or if going into long-term care, subject to our terms and conditions.

It's all part of our aim to make our equity release products as individual as our customers.

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