Your Equity Release online experience

It has been a few months since the Equity Release digital launch and continuous improvements are being made to enhance the digital capability of the platform. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have already implemented the following improvements:

  • Download a submitted application - Once you have submitted an online application you can download a copy at the touch of a button.  More detail on this feature:

When you have submitted the application the stage will show as 'Submitted':

You will now be able to download a copy of the details you have input into the application. Click on 'Application Form'  within the 'Actions' section at the bottom of the Application dashboard: 

You can also:

  • View and download our privacy policyWhich is now available within the document library so you can access a copy of the privacy policy to share with your client(s).
  • Use the search functionality within Equity Release tracking - So you can find cases more efficiently. Simply login to the Aviva Adviser website, click on the Equity Release tab, click on Equity Release Tracking and “view equity release quotes and applications”. You will see the screen that lists all quote and application cases, the new search functionality is on this screen.
  • See the online quote reference number, which has an “ER” prefix in the footer of the illustration (KFI) - This will make it easier for you at the application stage and ensure you are applying on the KFI you have recommended to your client by matching the ER reference number on the KFI with the ER reference number on the Aviva Adviser website.
  • Last 5 years re-added to cancer question - Medical question pertaining to diagnosis of any cancer requiring chemotherapy or radiotherapy has had ‘within the last 5 years’ re-added.

Further online developments being worked on:

Summary Description Expected delivery date
Rebroke online applications Aviva to Aviva rebrokes quotes can be done online, however an application must be submitted offline using the paper application form. The full process is detailed in the Aviva to Aviva rebroke support article. The online application for Aviva to Aviva rebrokes is under development and will be available soon. Q1 2024
Additional borrowing online applications Additional borrowing quotes and applications are still submitted via an offline application form. See the Additional borrowing support article for the process to follow.  The online application for Additional borrowing is under development and will be available soon. Q1 2024

Improvements are being made to enhance your experience with the platform regularly. To keep up to date make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn and check in with the Equity Release Online Support page.