Aviva Platform frequently asked questions

Are distributions and natural income generated by assets paid Gross or Net

Are non-UK currency assets available on the platform?

Can CHAPS be used for pooled account payments?

Can I select a specific asset within a model portfolio for disinvestment to pay fees and charges?

Can I select a specific asset within a model portfolio for disinvestment to pay income?

Can I trade on an individual asset within a model?

Can you accept an inherited pension from a beneficiary who isn’t a UK resident?

Can you explain the difference between 'product cash' and 'model cash'?

Do I need to ensure money is held in product cash to pay fees (i.e. 2%) and only invest 98% into a model?

Does the platform pre-populate information?

How are model portfolio deposits and withdrawals treated?

How can corporate clients, trustees, Power of Attorney clients or adviser-branded clients access their account?

How can I keep track of transfers?

How can I move multiple clients from Model A to Model B?

How can my client register for MyAviva?

How do I print off details of my model portfolios?

How do I tell if a bulk rebalance is in progress? And how do I know the online instruction is actioned?

How do Managed Portfolio Service fees work?

How do you find models?

If I’m selling down assets from an Investment Portfolio to fund an ISA Portfolio, when is the cash available for use?

If there is a trustee on a case, would both the trustee and the client be able to view the platform online?

What bank details should I use?

What do I do if my client has a regular payment in place and I wish to trade between models?

What if my client has problems with MyAviva?

What is Smart Switch and when does it work?

What is the Bank Holiday process for adviser charging and remuneration statements?

What paperwork do I need for client and income drawdown declarations?

What products are available on the Aviva Platform?

What training and support do you offer for the Aviva Platform?

'Why can't I see all of the models available from a Discretionary Investment Manager?

Why do my model portfolios have ‘none’ in the title?

Why do my quotes time out?

Why do quote and illustration PDFs not upload?

Why is there no information on the ‘free text’ part of the transfer tracker?

Will Aviva use MyAviva to cross-sell other products to my clients?