If you’re looking to help more clients during this difficult time, referrals could be the answer. And although sometimes they just land in your lap without you having to lift a finger, at other times they need a little work. So, if they’re not happening naturally, here’s a few things you can do to keep those referrals rolling in.


Let people know you want to be referred

Many of your loyal clients will be happy to help out someone they know by recommending you. So sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Make things easy for them by checking that they’ve got your contact details on their mobile and remind them of the services you provide.

If you think it’s right, you could even offer an incentive. Sometimes a gift to charity works well. Don’t worry too much about expensive gifts.


Support your fellow advisers

If you refer other people, they’ll want to return the favour by referring you back. The same applies for LinkedIn recommendations and Google reviews. So be generous with these too. You could write them a positive Google review and then forward an enhanced version of this for them to use on their website.


Check in with your clients

People like knowing that they’re being listened to and that their option is respected. So ask for feedback. It could be at the end of a meeting or calling them for a quick chat to ask them how you can improve your services. Let them know when you’ve taken on board their comments. They’ll feel appreciated and be more likely to refer you.


Get your people involved

Make your staff feel more valued by including them in your plans to reach more clients through referrals. They talk to clients all day anyway so it should be easy for them to do. Have a brainstorm together to work out the best way to get referrals. Make sure they’re clear on the services and benefits you offer. You could even come up with an incentive plan if your think this will motivate your people.


Help your clients online

Make sure your clients can find you and know what you’re good at by improving your digital presence.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile and try to get a few recommendations
  • Check your website is easy to get around and that it’s clear to new clients what you offer
  • Claim and complete your Google my business profile if you haven’t already
  • Ask about 10 to 12 of your loyal clients to give you a Google review.


Give thanks

If you want to reach out to more customers, you need to keep those referrals rolling in. So, show people you really appreciate their recommendations by thanking them straight after you get that call. And keep thanking them every time this happens so that they keep referring you. Before long you’ll find that you’ll be able to widen your customer base and provide a better tomorrow to even more people who need your help.

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