Showing clients you care about them may seem a bit obvious, but someone who feels valued will repay that investment with their loyalty. Here are some tips that could help boost the loyalty of your clients:

Promote how you and your advice can add value for clients

Advisers deliver a broad and valuable range of benefits.  The more your clients are aware of what you do and why you do it, the more satisfied they’ll be. Satisfied clients will stay with you – and tell their family and friends.


Focus on your clients, not just their products

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great opportunity to see what changes might be happening in your clients’ lives and, in turn, where you could provide support and guidance.

Asking clients for feedback about your business delivers valuable benefits:

  • It gives unhappy clients a chance to show this with words rather than actions – and gives you a chance to make amends before they walk away.
  • It shows clients how committed you are to keeping them happy.
  • It reinforces positive thoughts about your business.
  • It’s another touchpoint that helps to build and maintain a positive relationship.
  • It can be used to encourage referrals.

Connect via LinkedIn

Clients who have connected with you on a platform like LinkedIn are less likely to move to a competitor. They can see more information about you as a person, find out how your career has developed and see what’s really important to you from a job perspective.


Think outside the box

Life is constantly changing, which means your clients’ needs may change too. Asking questions helps you to identify where you can support them. It’s logical that if a client uses more of your services, they’ll become more embedded with your company and more committed to sticking with you.

Warn them if costs are going up

If fees are about to increase, be proactive and talk to your clients about it in advance. Focus the conversation around what is causing the increase and what, if anything, maybe done about it. If you’re open and honest, most clients will appreciate the ‘heads up’.


Keep in touch, just to touch base

There’s a fine balance between staying in touch with clients and bombarding them with emails and calls. No one wants to feel badgered, but if clients hear from you throughout the year, they’ll feel more connected and will be more likely to come to you when they need financial advice.

Some ideas if you need them: postcards, seminars, Christmas cards, text messages, surveys, handwritten thank you cards, webinars, community events, recommendations, google reviews, monthly newsletters offering useful financial tips.

Tailor your contact according to each client – handwritten cards may appeal to more ‘traditional’ clients, who don’t use email and prefer face-to-face meetings. On the other hand, ‘bitesize’ online videos would suit a more tech-savvy, busy professional.

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