Accelerate your Social Media

How to find the best candidates for your firm on LinkedIn

Before the ‘how’, a bit of ‘why’ …

LinkedIn has a 70% trust rating. That’s more than double that of its nearest rival, Facebook.

Out of all the social media, it’s where you can make your company’s story sing out.

LinkedIn is teeming with ambitious people of all ages

It’s highly popular with the eager twenty and thirty-somethings who can help drive your business forward. Younger clients will be attracted to advisers who are closer in age to them and have better conversations because they can relate.


Here’s the how you can

1.  Join relevant LinkedIn groups in the field you’re recruiting for. You can post jobs on them if it’s allowed in the rules

2. Learn from your competitors. Search on LinkedIn to see what keywords they use. Then see if they work for you.

3. Approach both active and passive candidates. Active candidates are actively looking for opportunities. Passive candidates are not actively looking, but might be interested in moving if they like what you say. LinkedIn can help you unearth gems

4. Post job vacancies on your company’s page, which is free

5. Run job ads (which you pay for).

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