Video is effective because...

It’s the most appealing and influential type of content.

It’s a great way of getting people to warm to you. We say ‘warm to’ because film and emotion go together. A well-made video will humanise your company to potential clients, referrers and job searchers alike.

A video of what? Here's some ideas...

  • Say your piece about a topical issue, whether its directly connected to the industry, or about a social or economic trend in society
  • Give an insider view of an industry event
  •  Show what you’ve done to support a charitable cause

Production tips

You can either.

  1. Get a reputable company to produce it for you. They will film and edit it for you. And if you need it, they can write the script (based on your brief) OR 
  2. If you don’t have the budget, do it yourself. 

If you do go it alone - here's some things to bare in mind:

  • Length:  Try and keep it brief. 2-3 minutes is good.
  • The script: If you’re writing it yourself, be tough on yourself. If the script’s not pulling its weight, nor will the film. Start with an idea, which you describe in a short outline. Think which details you need to bring the idea to life. Then get writing. If you don’t trust your own writing skills, hire a professional writer. They’ll make sure it works.
  • Your natural voice: Whether it’s you or someone else, whether talking to camera or as a voiceover, make sure the words sound natural. Avoid streams of jargon and trying to be too clever.
  • The gear: You can use your smart-phone. But do invest in a tripod. Camera-wobble will try the patience of the viewer.
  • Good energy: A bit of honest enthusiasm on screen goes a long way.
  • Use subtitles: Many people will be watching it mute. Help them out.

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