What an article should consist of

Craft is a good word for it. You’re making something that’s well-designed and fit for purpose. Which is to create a bond between you and you reader, preparing the ground for the reader to become a prospect then a client.

Here’s how to craft an article, in bite-sized chunks.

  • The headline: Your headline should be a sharp summing-up of the article. The more compelling it is, the more likely people will read the rest. Take some trouble over it.
  • Just the right length:  500-1000 words is good. People do read longer articles, but not as much.
  • Break it up: Giant slabs of text put readers off. Break them up with sub-headers.
  • Pictures: Put in a strong image or graphic as your title picture. Put other pictures in throughout the text if you like, to make it more readable.
  • Tell them where to go: Put your contact details or website URL at the end. It’s what they’re used to.

Some important writing tips:

  • Think what the reader needs to know.
  • Keep the language simple, using short punchy sentences.
  • Use the active voice, not the passive.
  • Let your enthusiasm show.

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