Relevant life calculator

Compare the net cost of providing life cover for an employee through a relevant life policy with a standard individual life insurance policy. Just enter the monthly premium and the appropriate tax and National Insurance rates.

Important points

  • This calculator is for adviser use only
  • The output is purely for illustrative purposes and is based on the information and figures you provide. Aviva accepts no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or inconsistencies in the output or for any decisions or actions taken as a result
  • Tax and National Insurance calculations are based on our understanding of current legislation and tax rates. They assume that the same rates of Income Tax and National Insurance apply to the whole of the premium
  • The Employer's Corporation Tax rate is based on 19%
  • The Employer's National Insurance rate is based on 13.8%
  • Tax treatment will depend on individual circumstances and tax rules may change in the future

Relevant life calculator

Enter the monthly premium, the relevant tax and National Insurance rate. The calculator will provide the net costs. 

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Employees income tax rate
Employees national insurance rate