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Interest in responsible investment has grown dramatically over recent years. More people are looking for ways to provide a secure future for themselves and their families while actively contributing to a sustainable, long-term future for the world around us.

The Stewardship Funds were launched by Friends Provident in 1984. It was the first fund range of its kind in the UK and created an investment area that has grown enormously since then.

The principles behind the Stewardship Funds since the beginning have been:

  1. to exclude companies that do not meet the ethical standards of the funds or harm society
  2. to support companies that make a positive contribution to society through investment
  3. to encourage better business practices through shared ownership and dialogue.

These principles remain the same today, but the policies that guide the fund managers are intended to adapt to the changing world we live in.

Aviva Investors took on the management of the Stewardship Funds in April 2018. As the Stewardship Funds is an Aviva-branded range of funds, we believe it is appropriate that the Aviva Group is responsible for the management of the assets held within the Stewardship Funds.

Following the completion of the move from the Friends Life brand (under which the Stewardship Funds were historically made available) to the Aviva brand, we decided to transfer the fund management of the Stewardship Funds to Aviva Investors. 

We believe Aviva Investors has the expertise, people and processes in  place that will enable the Stewardship Funds to build on their nearly 40-year track record in responsible investment and to continue to play a key role in this area. This includes being one of the first global fund managers to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues into investment decision-making, working together with fund managers and analysts and customising ESG integration in the investment process.

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