With-Profits Fund

A with-profits investment offers the possibility of higher returns than those from an average savings account with a bank or building society. Although with-profits investments have no fixed term, customers should be prepared to invest for at least five to 10 years.

The With-Profits customer website offers comprehensive information and guides to our with-profits funds.

What is with-profits?

An Aviva with-profits investment is a low to medium risk investment that has the advantage of pooling a customer’s money with that of other investors, so they can benefit from investing in a wider spread of assets.

With this type of investment, the returns earned by the fund are shared out through a system of bonuses using a process called ‘smoothing’. You can find more information about 'how with-profits work'. 

We choose a mix of assets (including equities, property, corporate bonds, gilts, cash and cash alternatives), which may vary over time. We do this with the aim of achieving balanced returns.

The value of a with-profits investment can go down as well as up. A customer may not get back the amount invested.

Fund performance

To view performance information and other details about specific With-Profits Funds please visit our Investment Centre.

Bonus announcements

Bonus announcement and fund news

Bonus rates are regularly reviewed and may change at any time. Future bonuses can't be guaranteed as they come from profits that have not yet been earned.  

Visit our bonus announcement pages

These announcements give an overview of bonus rate changes.

Useful information

You can view the impact of the bonus rates on your client's policy by using the online valuation service, or by calling our Adviser Helpdesk on 0800 015 5064.

This online service is not available for ex-Friends Life policies.


For information on ex-Friends Life policies you can call the dedicated team.